Now accepting all major credit cards! $5 minimum purchase for credit card purchases. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Menu Item Price
Hamburger $4.25
Cheeseburger $4.50
Bacon Cheeseburger $5.50
Reg/Grilled/Spicy Chix Filet $4.65
Popcorn Chicken $2.60
Hot Dog $2.00
Hot Dog w/Chili or Cheese $2.50
Spicy Boneless Wings $4.75
Grilled Cheese $2.10
BBQ Sandwich $4.65
Corn Dog $2.75
Cheesesteak Sub $4.50
Chicken Tender Combo $6.00
Fried Pickle Spears (6ea) $4.50
Mozzarella Sticks $4.40
French Fries $2.50
Onion Rings $3.45
Fried Brownie Bites (6ea) $3.25
Pickle $1.10
Funnel Cake Fries (10 ea) $2.50
Extra Chili/Cheese/Salsa $1.05
Menu Item Price
Soda Small, 16 oz $1.70
Soda Large, 20 oz $2.00
Hull’s Drive-In Souvenir Cup 32 oz $5.00
Souvenir Cup Refill $2.00
Coffee/Hot Chocolate $1.25
Bottled Water $1.25
Gatorade $2.00
Mountain Dew Baja Blast 20 oz $2.00
Cup of Ice $0.50
Small Popcorn $1.50
Small Popcorn w/butter $3.15
Large Popcorn $1.90
Large Popcorn w/butter $4.25
Extra Butter $0.60
Nachos and Cheese $3.20
Pretzel Bites w/Cheese (8 ea) $2.50
Soft Pretzels $2.50
Snow Cones $1.15
Candy $1.65
Fresh Fruit $1.25


Our burger and hot dog fixin’s bar is located outside the concession stand.

We do have souvenir ice creams available in the concession stand. Be sure to check out the ice cream freezer.

As a non-profit, community-owned drive-in, we wish to keep our prices as low as possible, we would greatly appreciate if our guests would please consider purchasing their food and snacks from our concession stand first instead of bringing outside food to the drive-in. Thank you from your friends at Hull’s Drive-In!

Check out our Angel Booth table outside the concession stand for glow toys, Hull’s T-Shirts and other fun novelties!

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