Have some free time for a fun and worthwhile cause? Join our team of highly-valued Hull’s Drive-In Theatre volunteers.  You will receive an e-mail each week asking you to Sign-up for the shift of your choice.

Fill out the form below to become a Hull’s Drive In volunteer!

All volunteers will get free popcorn and soda while they are volunteering and will be entitled to a sandwich and fries if working through intermission. Volunteers may stay and watch the movie that night for free or they may get a pass to come back another night.

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

Concession Stand:  Volunteers will be working alongside the concession staff to take care of the customers. They will help fulfill the drinks, candy, snow cone and popcorn portions of customer orders to be paired with the hot food portions (by the Food Expediter) before being delivered to the customer by the ‘Orders Out’ volunteer.  Concession volunteers must be 13 years of age or older. Volunteers will work until intermission on busy nights.

Orders Out:  When food orders are completed (by the Concessions Leader), carry the food order outdoors to the pickup table and call the name aloud so they know their order is ready for pickup.  In the event that an item is missing or incorrect in a food order, coordinate a speedy resolution with the Concessions Leader.  Monitor the condiments and alert the concessions staff if anything is running low.

Outpost:  Assist in setting up the Outpost, displaying merchandise and candy in the display window.  Take food and merchandise orders from the customers and enter those orders into the Square Point of Sale (PoS) system on a touch-screen iPad.  Also rent FM radios to customers who want to rent one for the evening.  Process payments in multiple forms (cash, credit card, Apple Pay).   Coordinate with the concession staff on what items are not available for sale on any given night.

Gate/50-50 Seller: Volunteers will be assisting the Ticket Booth Operator by selling 50-50 tickets at the ticket booth or by walking the field on a busy night selling 50-50 tickets. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old or be accompanied by an adult if walking the field. Volunteers will assist in selling 50-50 raffle tickets until the beginning of the first movie.


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