What COVID policies do you have in place to assure Hull’s is safe for guests?

*We have installed hands-free soap, towel and hand sanitizer dispensers for customer use.

*Ticket sales and concession ordering may all be done on-line.  You will receive a text when your concession order is ready for pickup – no waiting in line.


When do movies begin and when do you open each night?

Our movies start 20-30 minutes after sunset to optimize picture quality. Our gates will open each night at 6:00 pm in the spring and fall, 6:30 pm in the summer. Should we have a long line before 6:00 pm, we may open the gates early to get cars off the road. Gates will be open a minimum of 1 hour before movies begin.


What is your booking policy?

We exhibit G, PG, PG-13 and some R rated movies. We try our best to appeal to all audiences throughout our movie season. We try not to show an R rated movie with a G or PG movie.


How often do you change your movies?

We change our movies on Fridays. If we are opening a new movie, we may have to keep that movie for two or three weeks but each week we will bring in a new movie to play with it.


Can you show 3D movies?

No we can’t show 3D movies. The light on the screen is reduced by 50% for 3D movies which means the film would be very dark on our screen.


Do you charge by the carload or by the person?

Our current pricing structure is as follows:

Single occupant vehicles may purchase a $10 ticket for  double feature nights on-line in advance or $12 at the gate.

Double occupancy vehicles may purchase an $18 ticket for double feature nights on-line in advance or $22 at the gate.

Carload tickets for 3-8 occupants are $25 for double feature nights if purchased on-line in advance or $30 at the gate.

Single feature nights are $15/car if purchased in advance, $20/car at the gate.

Tickets are available for purchase on-line beginning on Monday for the upcoming weekend and please note, there is an additional 6% Rockbridge County Admissions Tax added to each ticket.


Can I leave after the first movie or come after the first movie?

You may leave at any time during the night. We do not issue refunds if you are leaving and not staying for the entire evening. Yes, you may come for just the second movie. It’s still the same price and you may have to come to the concession stand to purchase your ticket.


Do you show movies in the rain?

Yes, we do still show movies in the rain.  If we lose power once you have paid your admission, we will offer “NO POWER REPLAY” passes to allow you to return another night for free.


How do I hear the movies?

We still offer the nostalgic speakers to rest on your door jamb and we also offer an FM broadcast on 88.1FM.  You may rent an FM Radio from the Concessions Outpost for $10 for the night, if you’d like.


Can I bring lawn chairs or blankets?

Yes, we encourage folks to bring chairs or blankets to be able to sit out under the stars and enjoy the movies. Remember that we should also be able to get two cars between the speaker poles so put your chairs and blankets in front of or behind your vehicle , not beside them.


May I bring alcoholic beverages and/or marijuana to the theatre?

Alcoholic beverages and marijuana smoking are strictly prohibited and we may ask you to leave the premises without reimbursement.


May I bring my dog to the drive-in?

Yes, we are a pet friendly theatre. We expect that you will keep your dog on a leash and clean up after your pet.


How long is your season?

We open in mid to late March and run through the end of October. Additional dates may be added dependent on the weather.


Can I bring outside food?

We ask that you not bring outside food as the concession stand helps keep the drive-in going from year to year as the movie studios take the majority of our ticket admission income. We offer a full menu concession stand at affordable pricing so please be sure to support the concession stand to keep our theatre affordable and thriving for generations to come!


Can I rent out the drive-in for a private showing?

Yes we do rent out the drive-in on nights that we don’t normally show movies. Rental rates vary depending on day/time/movie. Please contact the Executive Director at hullsangels@hullsdrivein.com or 540.463.2621 for more information and pricing.


What is the parking policy for larger vehicles?

Our policy is that if your vehicle rooftop is higher than 6’3”, we ask that you park near the back of the drive-in or on the ends of the rows. This also applies if you open your lift gate. Your lift gate must not extend above the roof of the vehicle. We do have twine for you to tie your lift gates down located on the outside of the projection booth. We also ask that as a courtesy, if you have a large vehicle and park in front of someone, go back and ask if you’re blocking their view.


Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes we accept credit/debit cards at the theatre. There is a $1.00 transaction fee for ticket purchases using your credit card. There are no transaction fees for concessions purchases with a credit or debit card.


How far in advance do you know what you’re playing?

We schedule as far out as possible, but are limited by the constraints of the movie studios.  As soon as we have movies confirmed, we update them on our Coming Soon page.  To get notification of what’s playing, text “JOIN” to 1.833.235.1817 and you will receive weekly texts about what is coming next.


What if I have a question that is not addressed here?

Please contact our Executive Director at hullsangels@hullsdrivein.com or 540-463-2621.

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